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Fast. Accurate. Comprehensive. Get the full history of the vehicle you’re about to buy in seconds. To access your vehicle check type the car’s reg into the box below and click ‘check now’. From theft and outstanding finance to MOT history and write-off claims, get a total car check or opt for a free vehicle check overview report. Either way, you’re in safe hands.

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Why do you need a car check?

A car you can’t trust, is a car you shouldn’t use. Much more than a means of getting from A to B, cars carry our loved ones, keep us connected and help us function. So, if you’re buying a used car it’s important to feel safe, secure and sure of its provenance.

Which is why getting a vehicle history check is so important.

The good news is, a vehicle check is quick and easy to carry out. All you need is the car’s registration number.

Also known as a VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark), type any car’s registration number into our instant online checker and watch its history unfold. Using the information in the report you can make a well-informed decision about whether or not the used vehicle you’ve found is right for you.

Scrapped or stolen, outstanding credit or written off, our total car check covers all of the above to provide peace of mind. But it also provides a financial foothold by giving you an honest and accurate appraisal of the market value of the car. And an indication of how much tax you’ll be paying. Using this information you can ensure you’re getting the best value on the sale and a clear picture of running costs.

Buying a used car without first running a vehicle check is a risk you don’t have to take.

Car Reg Checks delivers accurate and up-to-date information directly into your hands with just one click. So you can separate the scammers from the bona fide sellers in seconds.

If your four-wheeled find passes the test, great. Time to secure the deal. If it fails, no biggie. Time to move on with no love (or money) lost.

How our vehicle checks work?

Enter registration number

Simply type the car’s number plate into the input field above and click 'Check Now'.

Your registration number or number plate is also referred to as your VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark). It includes numbers and letters and is found on the front and rear of the vehicle.

Choose a report type

A free DVLA vehicle check report will be displayed. To source more information, choose from our standard vehicle check, full check or multi-check options.

Want to add more to your standard vehicle check, but don’t want the full check? No problem. Customise your report by selecting individual add-ons.

View your car report

After entering the required payment information into our secure checkout, you’ll be automatically redirected to your report.

We’ll also send you an order confirmation email with a link to your car check report, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Get a Van Check

Check if a van or commercial vehicle has hidden history such has being written off, scrapped and more.

Get a Bike Check

Check if the motorbike your about to buy is recorded as stolen, has outstanding finance and more.

Car Reg Checks FAQ's

Our free vehicle check provides you with basic details of the car sourced directly from the DVLA. It presents a brief description of the car’s make, model and version, covering details such as how many doors and a car body description, the fuel and transmission type as well as the colour of the vehicle. The free car check will also show you the number of records held on the vehicle.

Yes! Once you’ve bought a report from us you will have a secure account where you can log in and view your old reports and update them with crucial data. You can update mileage readings, verify finance records in case of outstanding finance, and request investigations on mileage discrepancies, write-off alerts and stolen vehicle reports.

Looking at a car, even a close inspection under the bonnet, won’t tell you anything about a vehicle’s history. Knowing a car’s provenance is vital if you’re thinking of buying a used car because as soon as you become the owner, you take on that provenance too. Most sellers or traders are honest and will inform you about everything they know about the car. But they may not be fully aware of its history. And, of course, there is a small chance they’re not being 100% up front with you.

If you want to do a cursory DVLA vehicle check and are only interested in the very basic specifics about a car, the vehicle check provided by will meet those needs. But it won’t provide you with a car’s full history. Buying a used car is a risk. Only by running a full and detailed report on the car can you attempt to effectively minimise that risk. Our free vehicle check report gives you everything that you can find on But we also give you the option to add in extra checks or run a full and thorough report for added confidence and peace of mind. The site won’t be able to tell you if a car has been reported stolen, if the mileage has been altered, if it’s been written off or is owned by a lender due to outstanding finance. Car Reg Checks will.

Yes. Our standard and full check reports also include the MOT history of a car. This covers all MOT tests and includes mileage readings and the final outcome of the MOT (pass, pass with defects, fail). It also lists details of any noted defects and / or advisories recorded by the tester. Checking the MOT history of a used vehicle is vital as it will flag up any ongoing issues with the car.

Yes. Just enter the vehicle registration on our Car Tax Check page to check when the tax is due to expire. You can also find out how many days are left and how much the tax will cost over 12 or 6 months.

It can sometimes take up to 5 days for any changes to be reflected on the DVLA database. This includes road tax and MOT expiry dates.

On average, 1 in 4 of all vehicles checked by us each month were written off. And one out of every three still has outstanding finance (car loan). If you’re considering buying or selling a vehicle, you won’t find out about any of the above or the other major issues unless you purchase a full car history check. Buying a full check minimises risk. It means you can buy with an open mind rather than buying a car with a closed or hidden history.

Used by insurance companies, a car that’s considered a ‘write-off’ is either:

  1. a car that’s so badly damaged that it isn’t safe to drive, or
  2. a damaged car that’s worth less than the cost to repair it.

Mileage fraud is on the rise, with around 1 in 14 vehicles presenting incorrect or misrepresented data. But there are instances where milometer replacements are legitimate due to broken or damaged parts. If your report indicates a discrepancy with mileage, ask your seller for supporting documentation to help explain the issue.

When vehicle provenance checks were first introduced by a company called HPI (now HPI Check or HPI Limited and not in any way affiliated with Car Reg Check) back in 1938, completing a vehicle history check was labour intensive. Everything had to be researched manually. It took time to gather the information, which was all stored on paper in offices and archives. Just under a hundred years later, and the process is super streamlined and relatively instantaneous thanks to advances in the world of digital technology. By synching up with industry-leading vehicle information databases, Car Reg Check can source accurate and up-to-date data in seconds. And, with the right tech in place, access to the data requires fewer resources, which means costs are lower too.

We use only the most reliable, industry-leading sources such as Experian PLC, the DVLA and the Police National Computer (PNC) to extract our vehicle history data.

Hundreds of happy customers.

As a community we bring you a vehicle history check you can trust and it's provided by Car Reg Checks!

This means that you can buy your next used car with confidence and reassurance, check out what our customers are saying about our service...

Excellent website and service

Excellent website and service! I needed peace of mind before buying a used car for my fiancé. Thank you!

Brilliant company and service

Brilliant company and service! I wanted to get a full check on a car I was buying, simple easy and quick 🚙

Informative and accurate reports

Car Reg Checks is informative and accurate. A good and reliable service that helped buy the car I wanted.

Fantastic service, must use!

When you are about to spend your hard earned money on a second hand car, this service is a 'must have'.

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