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Fulfilling your request for a vehicle check and all other vehicle insight information provided in this website between you and Car Reg Checks creates a bound by a contract that you automatically agree on when using our services. Information acquired by Car Reg Checks is strictly for your use only and is strictly not to be used in any way by third parties. This website’s terms and conditions are subject to change at any given time and no such changes will have an effect retrospectively. Information that you provide us with while using this website will only be used in agreement with our privacy policy. Vehicle checks performed on this website will not give any statement as to the roadworthiness or general condition of any vehicle checked. It will not identify the use of a false registration mark or if a vehicle has been ‘rigged’. You have no right to cancel the contract under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 once you have carried out a data check on your behalf on this website. Your use of this website is in agreement with this website’s terms and align with laws and regulations. Car Reg Checks can ban your use of this website if we (Car Reg Checks) believe that you breach any of our terms and conditions. These website terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy, contains the full terms of the bond “contract” between Car Reg Checks and you. No other written or oral statement or terms is included in such a contract.

Pricing Disclaimer

Car Reg Checks carefully ensures that information supplied to you is accurate and complete, however, this website does not accept liability for any inaccuracy. You should not rely on the information entirely, and should you do so, it is at your own risk. Car Reg Checks provides information on this website on an “as is” basis. Car Reg Checks makes no representations or warranties of any kind in relation to this website or its contents, or the results of any data check carried out on this website.

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Permitted Use of Information

Vehicle checks carried out and information supplied about a vehicle is intended for your use only and is confidential information that is contracted for personal, non-commercial use. The use of vehicle check information supplied should not be used to identify an individual (including without restricting the name/address of the keeper of the vehicle) or any other data in the information other than the purpose of observing interests in the vehicle. You are the only person that has permission to use or rely on any information provided in the vehicle check that you have performed on our website. All product names, trademarks, service names, marks or company marks that are specified on our website and in our vehicle reports are trademarks, service marks or business names of their corresponding owners.

Use of your Personal Data

Vehicle and correlating data is collected from many courses such as finance companies, insurers, vehicle owners, and the police. This data is used to protect all, including those making the searches, the police, and vehicle owners. You agree and consent us to disclosing relevant information such as your name, address and details of your usage on this website to any person that we consider this information to be advantageous to, only for the purpose of preventing, detecting, or discouraging crime, the capture or prosecution of offenders or the recovery of stolen vehicles or other property. Without the limit of the stated above, you directly agree and consent to us disclosing any such information about you to a person claiming to be the owner of a vehicle in which you have submitted a vehicle history check on Car Reg Checks, and to the police or other law enforcement authorities.

Problem with the Service

Any issues with the information provided in your vehicle check, or if you find any information that you believe may be a disparity, please contact our customer service department immediately. We are happy to help with any query you may have, including if you have any complaints about our service. Please contact us immediately to find a resolution to your discrepancy. We may record your telephone call for training, audit and quality purposes.

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